Manchester: Beswick & Ancoats
Sunday 21st December 2008

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  View from Britannia Hotel, towards Piccadilly Station View from Britannia Hotel, towards Chorlton Street Newton Street from Piccadilly Gardens Dale Street Lock Station Approach cafe  

  Mayfield Station Temperance Street North Western Street Ashton Old Road Ashton Old Road  

  Lucas walk, off Bernnock Close, Beswick For Sale - Bell Cresent, Beswick Bosworth Street, Beswick Alan Turing Way B of the Bang sculpture, City of Manchester Stadium  

  City of Manchester Stadium Ashton New Road, towards Manchester Ashton New Road/Councillor Street rail line DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE KEEP OUT. Christmas tree, Ashton New Road Ashton New Road  

  River Medlock at Beswisk Street Pollard Street East Spectator Street Ashton Canal at Beswisk Street Ashton Canal at Beswisk Street  

  Ashton Canal at Carruthers Street Flats in Ancoats from Carruthers Street The Bank of England, Carruthers Street 31 Pollard Street, due to be site of new Metrolink station Pollard Street / Great Ancoats Street  

  Complete demolition at Longacre Street Chapeltown Street Chapeltown Street  

Camera: Minolta X-700 "European Camera of the Year" in 1981.

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