New life for an old Prestige pressure cooker

In 2019 it has become very difficult to find Prestige "Ready to Serve" indicators that form the safety valve for older Prestige pressure cookers - High Dome and other aluminium pressure cookers. The rubber and metal types are no longer being made, but there is a solution!

A new all metal safety valve is available and it fits straight in to the same diameter hole in the pressure cooker.

The new valves do the same job for safety, but they don't replicate the function of showing when the cooker has depressurised at the end of cooking. For this you have to follow the original Prestige instructions (when these cookers were first made the rubber plug was just a safety value - the pop up "Ready to Serve" valve was a later development). To check for depressurisation you have to tip the weight slightly to the side and check if steam escapes - once you're certain there's no hissing steam the cooker is safe to open.

Vintage prestige
        pressure cooker

Vintage Prestige pressure cooker

Original Ready To Serve indicator

Original "Ready to Serve" safety valve

Replacement - Prestige metal safety

Metal safety valve used in more modern Prestige pressure cookers

New safety valve in place

Replacement valve in place

Inside view of the replacement valve

Inside view of the replacement valve in place.